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Donations are not compulsory but appreciated - Thank you!
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We charge $20 p/m to advertise your business, offering competitive value for your money. Besides your own website SEO, it is good to have your business and many platforms. 


Help another

Pay to help others advertise. Your donations are appreciated and we can assist others, advertising their business, whether they have a website or not.


Website donation

Many cannot afford to have a website or afford to build one, and that is where we can help. Donate to helping others get online, and realize an online presence through a responsive website. Please note that with GoDaddy a .com costs $29 for a year.  You can register this yourself and we take care of the rest. The build for a basic website is $120. Includes these pages: Home, About, Contact, Sales area, Blog, Ts&Cs, 


Gardens, Cape Town

Contacts  +27 71 687 1308