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World Passport Services

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Sonsaile Developments

Sonsaile Developments Pty Ltd consists of a highly experienced team who have over 30 years’ combined experience in property development, property acquisitions, successful property management, pre-construction, construction, forensic planning, financial viability of projects in the commercial and residential construction industry, electrical- engineering strategies and hospitality.

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We believe very strongly in anonymity of each and every individual, and that your information should not be exploited for free by companies making money off of you by observing your digital footprint. You have a right to privacy.



It has become an interesting world to live in. With the advent of Covid-19 we are forced to stay at home, and the economy is worse than it has ever been, not knowing which way to turn. Nothing beats the tranquility of nature and finding your way through living side by side with nature.


International Panel Shop

Located in Upper Canterbury Street, Gardens, Cape Town, we are one of Cape Town's largest and most reputable panel beaters and car repaint companies.


LPS Medi Car

LPS Medi Car is a unique car maintenance fund, rather than traditional insurance with so much to offer; giving you the best deals that money can buy.


Unique Styles

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